This node generates different kind of noise images including Uniform, Value, Perlin, Simplex, and Fractal noise. The resulting image intensities are all in range [0.0, 1.0]. The type of noise can be selected via the input slot named NoiseType:

NoiseType slot valueNoise nameNoise
0uniform white noise imagenoise0
12D value noise imagenoise1
23D value noise imagenoise2
32D Perlin noise imagenoise3
43D Perlin noise imagenoise4
52D simplex noise imagenoise5
63D simplex noise imagenoise6
7fractal value noise with 2 octaves imagenoise7
8fractal value noise with 3 octaves imagenoise8
9fractal value noise with 4 octaves imagenoise9
10fractal simplex noise with 2 octaves imagenoise10
10fractal simplex noise with 3 octaves imagenoise11
10fractal simplex noise with 4 octaves imagenoise12

The example PerlinNoise demonstrates the usage of this node.

Copyright notice

This node is using GLSL shader functions from external sources: