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Creating a project works without any user registration. Simply choose a project name that is not used by someone else.

Consequently, if you do not provide a password, anybody that knows or guesses the project name can open the project.

If you do not want to start from scratch, you can browse the example projects or the gallery.

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Here you can upload one or multiple files from your computer to the project. To select multiple files, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while selecting in the file dialog.
The maximum upload size is 64 MB.
Supported files types are: image/jpeg, image/png, image/hdr, image/pfm, audio/wav, video/mp4, model/3d-wavefront-obj

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Resource "" will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Are you sure?
The complete graph with all nodes will be deleted. Unsaved work will be lost. Are you sure?
If you make your project public, every included graph can be directly opened from anywhere with the URL address:


Furthermore, for all included graphs, a gallery entry will be created that can be access with the URL address:


Simply share your unique link if you want to use your graph in online presentations, forum discussions, email correspondence, etc.
Before you make your project public, you can check how your gallery entry will look by following the link "PreviewExport" that is displayed after each graph in the project resources.

Projects that are public can not be modified anymore. Which means, a graph can still be opened and edited but can not be saved under the same project name. Also, other resources in the project, such as images or sound files, can no longer be modified. However, resources can still be downloaded or the complete project can be cloned in order to re-create a similar project under a different project name.

As all graphs within a public project are reachable by anyone, it is important that you make sure that their content is not harmful, illegal, offensive, or contains infringements of copyrights. If such content is found, the project will be deleted immediately. Please mention in the description of the graphs the source and license of included resources that you have not created yourself (e.g., Creative Commons CC0, CC BY, CC BY-NC, etc.). Also mention the Creative Commons license under that you want to publish your graph and own resources (if no information is given, CC0 is assumed). If you choose a license that requires attribution, please do not forget to state your name (or pseudonym).

By default, a public gallery entry is NOT enlisted in the searchable gallery on the GSN Composer website. If you like your entry to be enlisted in the gallery, please enter a valid email address in the following field. If not, leave it blank:

Making a project public can not be undone. Do you what to proceed?
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