This node loads an audio signal from an audio resource that was previously uploaded into the project via the Upload Resource dialog. This dialog can be reached via the Project dialog in the GSN Composer. During the upload a resource name must be given. The same resource name must be specified in the filename input slot of the node in order to load the corresponding file.
The implementation uses the Web Audio API. If your browser does not support this API, this node can not be used and will return an error message.
Currently, only uploading audio data with the MIME-type "audio/wav" is supported. For decoding the information into a GSN signal, the implementation makes use of the function decodeAudioData of the Web Audio API.
The sample rate input slot defines the sample rate to which the data from the input file is resampled. For a minimal derivation from the original, the selected sample rate should match the one of the input file. Selectable sample rates are at least in the range 22050 to 96000 but some browsers might support a wider range.
If the file contains multiple audio channels, the channel input slot selects which channel to load. If the selected channel is not available in the input file, the first channel (channel=0) is loaded instead.
The example Play Audio File demonstrates the usage of this node.